Washington Trust Bank | Priority Service Department

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: 8,300

Construction Type: Remodel

Collaboration partner: Wolfe Architectural Group



Washington Trust Bank was looking to relocate their Priority Service Department and the historic Holley mason Building met their needs in terms of availability, square footage, and lease rate.  On the downside, the space was not move-in ready and had many physical limitations.  Originally designed as a warehouse with low ceilings, closely spaced 20-inch concrete columns, exposed mechanical.electrical components and very few windows, it wasn't conducive to a progressive call center layout.  In addition, WTB had an extended wish list of employee work perks and technology requirements all to be woven into the design concept. 


As a key strategic planning partner, Design Source was tasked to make their vision a reality and transform the space into a functional environment appealing to employees from aesthetic and personal comfort viewpoints. An efficiently laid out floor plan supports the special requirements of the call center. The project solution focused on three key areas: People, Technology and Process. 


Ergonomic workstations with adjustable height desks allow sit/stand use, high performance task chairs and monitor arms offer customization options for each employee.
Increased exposure to natural light, installation of direct/indirect light fixtures and individual task lights reduces glare, stress and staff discomfort. 
Walls and ceilings are painted white to maximize reflectance and brighten the space; energizing accent colors are strategically located throughout the space as contrasting focal points. 
Employee focused break out spaces include a casual staff lounge with Wii, foosball, darts, iPads and comfortable seating for reading and relaxing. A café-like break room offers booth seating, snack/coffee bar with a soda fountain, private phone room and a secluded reading nook. 


Electrical and technology cables are exposed in integrated ceiling mount cable trays serving the dual purpose of easily accommodating future wiring changes and a design element. 
The mechanical ductwork is also exposed and a cost effective solution on two fronts: installation and the buzz from the units provide no-cost natural sound masking.


The workstations are grouped in clusters for team based work models to support communication between and during the calls. Lower panel heights increase visibility and access to the group leaders. They also allow more natural light to penetrate the space. 


Increased staff productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction, well-being, moral and retention. 
Increased attraction of skilled customer service representatives.
The appealing atmosphere translates into positive voices on the phone and provides an enhanced customer service experience.