WTb | OPerations center lunchroom

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: Less than 500

Construction Type: Remodel


The lunchroom in this multi-story office building serves over one hundred employees on a daily basis and years of wear were evident in the kitchen. The existing layout inherently created a bottle neck and congestion during peak break and lunch times. Design Source was tasked to solve the functional and organizational issues in this space with a minimal budget.     


Thoughtful analysis of what wasn’t working led to the new design layout.  Identifying a redesign of just the island cabinetry would resolve the issues ended up saving the client time and money. Separating the beverage service area from the kitchen prep functions were key to the success of the new layout. Hidden from view and accessible with countertop trash grommets, additional trash and recycle bins manage the daily trash minimizing overflow issues. Durable, easy to clean materials were specified and condiment organizational accessories were supplied to keep the space tidy and organized.  New artwork added the final touch of color and graphic interest to the space.