Washington Trust Bank | Marketing Department

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: 3,000



A bank’s in house marketing department can be creatively stifled if placed in a typical office environment. WTB was in this exact predicament until 2012 when they seized the opportunity to relocate to the 5th floor of the Holley Mason Building. The space had many drawbacks and limitations – low concrete ceilings, exposed wiring and mechanical ducts, large columns throughout the floor plan and three small windows. We were tasked to create a collaborative style working environment promoting creativity, inspiration, communication, enhanced project tracking and collaboration for the WTB marketing team. 


support the work! 

In addition to the efficient layout, supplemental components were installed to specially meet their ever changing needs of project tracking, communication, developing/viewing/launching campaigns and monitoring the newly developed digital platform streaming live at the branches. The walls throughout the space were painted with a special finish that performs as a writing surface; tack boards and calendars are mounted on a track system and can be easily moved from one location to another; privacy panels can be placed where needed. Flexible work spaces have individual desks and areas for casual and formal meetings.  Collaboration and communication are now inherently spontaneous.

let there be light!  

Large office relights and glass sliding barn doors were incorporated into the design, allowing  day light to flow into the central space. Indirect lighting produces glare-free ambient light and task lighting at each desk provides individual control. Even with the low ceilings and limited windows the space feels open and bright.

brand it!

When questioned “What would make the most inspirational impact in their new space?” Color was the answer. In response, we developed a concept of bold color bursting from the central “innovation think tank” area that becomes more tame and “corporate” as it filters out towards the entry.  In fact, upon entering the space, one has no idea what awaits them beyond the separation wall. Strong, daring colors including hot pink, orange, blue, and yellow are used as wall colors, carpet accents and furnishings – the vibe is fresh, unique and world’s away from a traditional bank look. Exactly what they were looking for.