The Wolff Company

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: 3,357

Construction Type: Remodel


The Wolff Company, a real estate private equity firm, was looking to relocate their Spokane office to the Washington Trust Financial Center in downtown Spokane.  Their desire for a clean, modern interior similar to the set of Mad Men challenged the design team to be inspired from the past but reimagine it in a way that looks new and reflects the fun and humorous personality of the staff.   



A high level of design and modern finishes, such as white quartz and full glass anodized aluminum office fronts reflect the brand of The Wolff Company.  Moments of comedy demonstrated in a custom artwork package reflect the people of The Wolff Company.  A central kitchen area functions as the heart of the space and proudly displays a reclaimed butcher block counter from the kitchen of Spokane’s abandoned Ridpath Hotel.  The end result is completely new and fresh.  Different from any other space in the Washington Trust Financial Center, showing the possibilities for Tenant Improvement buildouts are limitless.