Thomas Hammer | WTFC Lobby Kiosk

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: approx. 500

Construction Type: Remodel


Washington Trust Bank wanted to add some life to an existing lobby that Design Source designed 15 years prior.  The thought was to add a coffee shop that would give the building occupants a place to meet, hang out, take a break and see and be seen.  This “coffee shop” needed to look like it had always been there.  The Bank asked us to come up with some initial concepts to help them attract a tenant, it was hard to visualize a coffee shop in the large vacant lobby. 


We came up with two design concepts in both plan and 3D models.  Thomas Hammer was the selected coffee shop and the collaboration between Thomas Hammer and Design Source began…We took our initial concepts and fine-tuned them to work for Thomas Hammer Coffee.  Thomas Hammer knew their desired functions and the look they wanted to incorporate. Through conversations and drawing schematics, a solution was developed that met all the goals for both Washington Trust Bank and Thomas Hammer Coffee.  Plumbing and storage were the main constraints which ultimately led to the final location.  There was also a desire to offer booth seating and give people who are by themselves a comfortable place to sit, facing out into the lobby.  The solution was to wrap the existing large round columns with a custom booth.  This booth and all the coffee shop fixtures needed to be outside the security gates that were rolled down each night so it was critical we had the correct dimensions and prepared clearly noted construction drawings. The lobby ceilings were also over 15’ high which seemed to make the coffee counter seem so small.  We wanted to give the kiosk a more human scale so we added a wood slatted ceiling as a cloud above the work area similar to a design we developed for Thomas Hammer’s Post Falls, ID store years before.  It’s wonderful to see there always seems to be people sitting at the booth and at the tables spread around the lobby enjoying the new space. Mission accomplished.