Saranac Public House

Location: Spokane, WA

Square Footage: 3,000

Construction Type: Remodel



A confused restaurant is transformed into a casual, stylish gathering place for busy people to relax, eat locally grown food and drink a local beer. The space had many elements the design team wanted to retain, but the layout needed revisions to be more efficient. The owner wanted to reuse the existing furniture as much as possible and the color scheme needed to be updated. 


A public house feel was created by incorporating durable and interesting finishes while paying homage to the existing Saranac building. The largest transformation involved moving the bar from the back of the restaurant to the more visible front area. This allowed a number of walls to be removed providing more natural light and an overall open feel. Brick was added to a number of walls, the existing tables were recovered with a durable metal top and the chairs were repainted and reupholstered.