Nancy Croyle, NCIDQ


Co-founder, 1987

BFA in Interior Design, University of Idaho

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Email Nancy at thinker

Why I do what I do?  : My passion for design is rooted in my basic personality type. Interior design truly is the blending of art and science and a perfect fit for the equal distribution of my right side/left side brain function.  Combined with an equal personality split of types A and B makes me outgoing enough to meet people, be inquisitive, ask questions and be a constant learner, complimented with the B side makes me a patient listener to truly understand what each client needs and desires for their space. Great design solutions and happy clients keep me smiling.

If I could be any architectural style, I would be...?  : The pyramid. A unique structure that is timeless, stable, easy to relate to, inspirational, powerfully simplistic and a bit mysterious. 

My favorite part about working at Design Source is...?  : The opportunity to create something new every day that will make a positive impact on our client’s home and work environments. Our design team has a special collaborative synergy that inspires me to always seek a higher level of excellence. 

My last meal before the zombies attack?  : A progressive dinner would be embarked upon to revisit my favorite travel destinations and cuisines. First stop would be Cozumel for a shrimp cocktail appetizer, on to Rotan for a bowl of lobster bisque, followed by a tasty Greek salad in Mykonos, on eastward to Isfahan for a main course of chicken kabob and rice, and back to Spokane for burnt crème desert at Clinkerdagger’s overlooking the falls. There’s no place like home (with a full stomach) to prepare for an invasion. 

How I play?  : Drive around in my 1937 Chevy pickup collecting random used building materials to re-purpose into current projects and funky décor items.