Office Manager

Joined Design Source,  2016

BS in Business Administration, Central Washington University

Hometown: Redmond, WA

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How I play… When I am not at work you will find my husband and I chasing around our very busy 3 ½ year old daughter.  We are usually playing around outside or partaking in extracurricular sports such as Soccer Tots, basketball, gymnastics and dance.  

Random Fact: I grew up racing outboard hydroplanes from ages 11-19 and then again from 22-25.  Though I personally do not race anymore, my family still goes to the races to support other family and friends who are still racing. I am a speed freak!

My last meal before the zombies attack is... Hopefully the Zombies aren't fast, because I have a large carbo loaded meal planned! I would start by eating a whole loaf of the brown bread from Outback Steakhouse followed by a dinner of rock salt roasted prime rib from Clinkerdaggers along with a huge helping of garlic mashed potatoes.  For dessert I would have a large dish of Clinkerdaggers creme brulee.  To wash down all of these carbs, I would have a Huckleberry drop or two.

If I could be an architectural style, I would be... Craftsman.  I love the use of mixed materials throughout the structure.  I really like the hand-crafted stone and woodwork look. One of my favorite elements of a Craftsman home is the tapered posts resting on the square piers.

I cannot live without... My family, friends, and the time that I get to spend making memories with all of them.